Final Fantasy XV’s Comrades multiplayer expansion is out now


Following a brief delay, Final Fantasy XV’s multiplayer expansion Comrades is available now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. 

You can purchase the additional content for $19.99 on its own, or you can get it in tandem with the rest of the content in the Final Fantasy XV Season Pass, which is $24.99.

Comrades requires a PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold subscription for you to play online, since most of its components take place in a multiplayer environment. The content itself takes place after Chapter 13 in the main story. You’ll take up the mantle of a member of the Kingsglaive, looking to bring the Light back to the world while Noctis is off fighting his own personal battles.

That means you can make your own avatar in the style of Final Fantasy XIV characters, using royal sigils to equip various different powers and abilities. There’s a variety of new abilities to use on the battlefield while you complete new quests either solo or with friends. 

Console players can check out Comrades now, and PC players can look forward to its release in early 2018.