Final Fantasy XV Day One Edition Features Special Signed Thanks From The Dev Team


With Final Fantasy XV releasing on November 29, we’re seeing street dates broken and stuff like that, revealing many of the surprises Square Enix introduced in both the packages of the game and the game itself. Interestingly, the Japanese developer wanted to make the title as special as a JRPG can possibly be in 2016.

FFXV - Day One Edition Comes With Developer Note

Among these things we can see Final Fantasy XV day one edition including special thanks for all the gamers supporting the project, since it was called Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and all the others getting the game with a pre-order or in a particular fashion. Those special thanks are signed by all of the development team’s members.

At the center of the paper you can clearly see “TBT”, which is game director Hajime Tabata’s sign, among all the Japanese names of people who have worked so hard onto the title for the last ten years or so. We’re finally seeing this game’s releasing after so many years spent in the wait, and it’s nice to look at how Square Enix wanted to make it special with those little things and details.