Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladiolus To Take Around 2-3 Hours To Complete

Final Fantasy XV MMORPG

A new hands on from Game Informer has revealed interesting information about the upcoming Episode Gladiolus expansion for Final Fantasy XV. The first paid expansion for the role playing game with Prince Noctis and all of his party friends is set to last around 2-3 hours, according to the publication, that gave the content a try at PAX East 2017.

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladiolus Gameplay Length

“I had a lot more fun with Gladiolus than I ever did with Noctis. Gladiolus features an in-your-face smashy-smashy playstyle that’s all about huge offense and precise defense,” curiously enough the preview says. “Through attacking, Gladiolus charges up powerful moves, often area-of-effect attacks, that dish out tremendous damage. But that’s not all, Gladiolus is much more than an attack spammer.”

“A block/guard ability allows Gladiolus to prevent incoming damage and negate attacks, and if you time it right, builds up a rage meter that can add a ridiculous multiplier to your outgoing damage,” Game Informer adds. “Your blocks must be precise in order to really get the meter going, though, so you must pay careful attention to enemy movements and attack signals. If you can time the block just before incoming attack lands, you’ll build your rage in addition to leaving the enemy vulnerable to devastating attacks.”

Final Fantasy XV Episode Gladiolus is releasing on March 28 and, based on Square Enix hints, it’s going to feature some surprises linked to the upcoming Episode Prompto as well.