Final Fantasy XV future update brings FullHD on PS4 Pro followed by New Downloaded Content

Two new details came out on updates coming up for Final Fantasy XV during an Active Time Report Live Stream. It is shared on the web on various forums and news site. The information revealed that Final Fantasy XV is going to get two new updates. First will be FULL HD 60fps support for PS4 Pro around 21st Feb, and second one an update for Chapter 13 in March 28.

Final Fantasy XV

February 21 update also includes some limited time quest, Level Cap raised to 120, Photo Capacity increased to 200 and a Music player while riding Chocobo. There will be a downloadable content like Boost Pack plus and Booster Pack free version. The plus edition adds Boost Sword, Dragon Mod and Aviol while the free edition will add Magitek Exosuit for 4 main characters Noctis, Gladiolus, Prompto, and Ignis.

The second one on March 28 will add some enhancement in the final stage of Chapter 13, with Gladiolus addition for a short time.