Final Fantasy XV Leaks New World Of Versus Expansion, Incoming Cutscenes And Platinum Demo

New leaks have reportedly popped up on 4Chan, where Final Fantasy XV and its expansions are still the talk of the town. Square Enix has huge plans for their game post-launch window and we know that, but it seems there’s still a lot to be announced apart from already revealed free updates and paid downloadable episodic stories.

Final Fantasy XV DLC Content Leaked

In particular, one more unannounced expansion is set to be announced at E3 2017 and to be released in Q1 2018, according to this new rumor. It’s called World of Versus, and it’s set to be of a much darker tone than the base game. It covers “the demons Noctis faces during his 10-year slumber.”

This is the “Versus” world, the world of dreams that Noctis can enter in his slumber, and possibly the most faithful to the original vision for Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Themes of loss and tragedy will be developed and expanded upon, according to the information gathered at 4Chan.

On top of that, more cutscenes are said to be in the making for the game plus mode and Platinum Demo, we’re told, is coming as a separate mode in the main game – for free, obviously, maybe with some new stuff included.

  • Additional cutscenes with Ravus and Niflheim to be added into New Game mode in addition to EPISODE PROMPTO content.
  • Additional cutscenes with Noctis and Luna to be added into New Game mode.
  • Additional cutscenes with Cor Leonis and Regis to be added into New Game mode in addition to EPISODE GLADIOLUS content.
  • PLATINUM DEMO to be added to the main game as a bonus mode.
  • EPISODE IGNIS to be released Q4 2017.

Looks like there’s a lot of stuff incoming, all of which seems pretty nice and interesting. Share your take in the comments below.