Final Fantasy XV On PS4 Pro Targets 1080p/60FPS, 4K/30FPS: Dev

Final Fantasy XV MMORPG

Final Fantasy XV is somehow supporting PS4 Pro, and today we’ve been receiving, finally, some more specific detail about the way this support is happening when the game releases on November 29. Based on Hajime Tabata’s statement during the latest Active Time Report, the JRPG will be featuring two different modes on the new Sony console.

Final Fantasy XV PS4 Pro -  Resolution and FPS

The first mode has a native 1080p resolution, targeting 60FPS. Currently, this mode is ranging between 40 to 50 frames per second, but director Tabata has added that the team is looking into making it more stable and closer to the 60 FPS milestone.

The second mode has a 4K upscaled resolution, using a specific technique that we suppose to be Sony’s checkerboard rendering. Frame rate is set to be blocked on 30FPS, so it basically will offer a good improvement in terms of resolution and image quality but not other visual changes.

Final Fantasy XV will launch on November 29 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PS4 Pro.