Final Fantasy XV Patch 1.05 Adds New Frame-Rate Issues On PS4 Pro, Tech Analysis Report Out

Looks like we have bad news to report about Final Fantasy XV. Square Enix is doing a huge effort into building it into a proper live game, which comes together with patches and additional paid content. Anyway, as it often happens in gaming, patches can also introduce technical issues to be fixed at a later date, and this is the case of the just released Pro Patch.

FFXV PS4 Pro Patch

The Pro-Patch was supposed to be raising the frame rate of the PS4 Pro version, in Lite Mode, as the closer at the 60 fps frame rate possible. This is not happening, as reported by Digital Foundry since the Lite Mode only offers 60 fps when you’re not moving and have your feet on the ground. On top of that, Lite Mode now doesn’t let you choose between the new frame rate and a locked frame rate, which is making up for a kind of inconsistent experience.

Digital Foundry itself is even suggesting people stick with the base PS4 or Xbox One version rather than going for the PS4 Pro version. According to the tech analysts from, the patch only gives “the illusion of running at a lower frame-rate owing to the frame-pacing issues” and feels an important step backward.