Final Fantasy XV PS4 Pro vs Xbox One/PS4 Differences Detailed In Tech Analysis

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We’re a few weeks away from Final Fantasy XV release and, while the game is going to somehow be one of the most important showcases for PlayStation 4 Pro potential, we still don’t have many details about what this support is really going to be like. Thanks to a report from NX Gamer, we now have some more clues about it.

FFXV: PS4 Pro vs Xbox One vs PS4 Comparison

Resolutions and frame rates are going to be like this:

  1. PS4 – 30FPS Dynamic resolution from 1600x900p to 1920x1080p, slight frame issues.
  2. Xbox One – 30FPS Dynamic resolution from 1371×771 to 1600x900p, no frame issues.
  3. PS4 Pro – 30FPS and 3200×1800 checkerboard rendered to 4K. Dynamic res still a possibility

PS4 Pro has two visual modes. The first is a low quality that has less frame rate issues in comparison with the standard PS4 version, while the second has a higher rendering resolution with improved shadows and textures, and a greater draw distance together with improvements upon foliage density and better Anisotropic Filtering. Final Fantasy XV is releasing on November 29.