Final Fantasy XV Tech Analysis Explains PS4 Pro vs PS4 Frame Rate Issue

Final Fantasy XV MMORPG

Back in the days, Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy XV would be supporting PS4 Pro since day one. It actually does, and features two different modes: one where you can play with the maximum resolution set up, and a lighter one that is said to be supporting the best frame rate out of the two versions.

Final Fantasy XV FPS Issue Explained

Digital Foundry has looked into the matter to see which are the true differences between the two modes, finding out that higher resolution mode has a pretty uncommon issue. While it doesn’t have any frame rate dips, it’s having frame rate pacing issues, with some frames lasting more than others, which causes an annoying sensation of ups and downs.

The best version out of the two currently running on PS4 Pro is therefore the lighter one, which has a more consistent experience on offer, even in comparison with the base PS4 version – that’s said to be having couple frame rate downs when loading certain areas, but nothing that could not be fixed in a later patch since those dips are very small.

Check the video below for more info.