Fire Emblem Heroes gets a massive new update and story chapter


Fire Emblem Heroes is getting a new update featuring additional story content for Book II. A new trailer was released, featuring a new protagonist named Fjorm, where the rest of the clip focuses on the Legendary Hero Summoning Event that’s going on now. 

Fjorm is obtainable by clearing Chapter 1: Part 5 of Book II, along with several other Legendary Heroes that you can net with special elements such as Water, Earth, Wind, and Fire. Each have their own special Blessing that will augment your Heroes with additional strength. 

Legendary Heroes will also get special Blessing items when you turn them into allies. They’ll do a range of different things, such as doubling your SP or offering specific stat bonuses for each fight. Each season will include two of the four elements, and they’ll be changing along with Arena season timing. You can check which one you’re currently in when you’re at the main menu. Just look up at the top left corner of the screen. 

The heroes aren’t the only things that have changed, however. Barracks have been expanded by 100, and Arena scores have been adjusted. There’s also been a reduction in Special cool downs for certain Special skills as well. 

If you’re a My Nintendo member, you’ll be able to purchase Hero Feathers now in return for 100 My Nintendo Platinum Points. You’ll get 2,000 Hero Features for each exchange up to five times, which is a pretty good deal if you’re someone who collects a lot of Nintendo points as it is. 

This is a hefty update that should attract more players back to Fire Emblem Heroes or give them a reason to keep playing. For more update notes, you can check out the official update by way of Nintendo’s Fire Emblem Heroes page