Fire Emblem Warriors’ DLC Pack no. 1 detailed ahead of December release


Fire Emblem Warriors, the hack-and-slash title that brings together several fighters from the Fire Emblem series, is getting its first DLC expansion in the form of DLC Pack #1 – Fire Emblem Fates

The new update is launching on Dec. 21 for Japanese players, and at an unspecified date for North American and European gamers this month. The pack will include a selection of additional playable characters, like Azura, Oboro, and Niles. Each are proficient with their own types of weapons and feature character skills with devastating effects. 

Additionally, new History maps are included and available in rotation, such as Grieving Beast, The Country Where the Gods Sit, and the Ice Village. You can outfit your characters in new clothing, too, with the “Hoshido Noble” outfit for Female Corrin and the “Dark Blood” outfit for Male Corrin. Takumi gets the “Butler” costume, while Camilla gets the “Maid” costume. Azura isn’t left out, with the “Dark Songstress” costume available for her as well. 

There will be new support for clothing destruction in-game as well for certain characters: Corrin (Male), Corrin (Female), Azura, Xander, Camilla, Leon, Elise, Niles, Ryoma, Hinoka, Takumi, Sakura, and Oboro.

A selection of new weapons and weapon traits will be added for the new characters Azur, Oboro, and Niles. In addition to all these new changes, you can look for several other augments coming in DLC Pack #1 when it’s finally released, including various bug fixes. These improvements should make for the perfect time to revisit the game if you’re ready to carve through a ridiculous amount of enemies.