Firewatch Will Offer 4-6 Hours Of Gameplay, “Longer For People That Really Like To Hunt Around The World”

Firewatch, one of the most anticipated game of February 2016 is just a few days away from its official release, and Campo Santo is making sure that the hype surrounding the game continues till February 9 (the release day). On this note, Campo Santo’s Jake Rodkin has shared some interesting new details about Firewatch via Neogaf forum. Jake talked about gameplay length, bugs and glitches in the new build and discount for PlayStation Plus subscribers during launch week.


Jake has stated that most of their in-house game testers took “4 to 6” hours time to complete Firewatch. Players who would like to hunt around the world can add few hours more to this figure. When asked about whether the bugs and glitches that were discovered in the early build of Firewatch will still be present in the final build? Jake replied that many of them have been fixed in the early build.

Lastly, Jake confirmed that PlayStation Plus subscribers will get a 10 percent discount on Firewatch during launch week. Firewatch is scheduled to launch on February 9. It carries a $20 price tag (without discount). The game does not support the pre-order and pre-load feature.