First Actual Image of PS4 Slim Model Leaked, Pretty Small In Size As Compared To Current PS4 Model

There have been many reports/speculation on the internet about PlayStation 4 Slim already being in development at Sony, and an official announcement might happen at E3 2015 or at GamesCom 2015. Today, on Multiplayer’s Italy website, the first image of “PlayStation 4 Slim” was leaked, according to the details in the image, PS4 Slim might be internally code named as “Monolith”.

PS4 Slim

As compared to the current PS4 model, PlayStation 4 Slim model is smaller in size, trademark is relocated and many other changes. Whether this images looks LEGIT or FAKE, we leave it upon you to decide.

What are you thoughts on PlayStation 4 Slim arriving this early, arriving just a year and a half from the release of PS4? PlayStation 4 is going pretty strong, and is leading the hardware sales by a massive margin against Xbox One. So, practically speaking it won’t be a good decision to release Slim model of PS4, this early. But, looking back, PS1 and PS2 had a slim a year and a half from release, so we can’t rule out PS4 Slim model’s arrival so early. E3 2015 announcement, anybody wants to put a bet on it?


Source: Multiplayer Italy