First Destiny Review Score 6/10: Repetitive, Uninspired Story With No Memorable Characters, 3 Classes With Little Distinctions

Destiny New Snap 2

The first review of Bungie’s brand new sci-fi IP, Destiny has finally arrived. A french gaming website “Musga” has awarded Destiny an average review score of just 6 out of 10. The publication states that Destiny feels repetitive as it offers same tasks and situations in every planet.


Also, there are only 3 classes with little distinctions between them. The website called the plot/story of Destiny “Uninspired” with no memorable characters. Weapons and gear designs have very little to no variety.

Bungie has already issued a warning that not to believe day one reviews of Destiny as they might not tell the entire story, and added that Destiny is “Share-World” first person shooter and the best way to experience it is when Destiny’s universe is fully populated, with many players roaming about.

This French review does raise some good points, you can read full review here. Tell us how many of you agree with this first review of Destiny?