First Footage of Battlefield 4 running on PS4 Arrived, “There’s Nothing to Criticze”


The main focus point of next generation consoles is graphics and visuals department, fans desperately wants to know end result of PS4 vs PC graphics/visuals comparison.

Battlefield 4

It seems like we have finally received a response to this million dollar question, a user named “Random” from “” stated that after playing Battlefield 4 on PS4, “there’s just nothing to criticize.”

He further added that during his entire gameplay time Battlefield 4 on PS4 ran at a smooth 60 fps looking amazing the entire time [with] no sign of low quality textures or any issues at all.”

In short the conclusion of Random was, the step up of graphics/visuals department from PS3 to PS4 is massive and is very much identical to PC.

IGN also posted a brand new Battlefield 4 on PS4 gameplay footage. Take a look at it below (its an offscreen footage though):