First Information On Battlefield 1 Air Gameplay Revealed

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YouTube channel ponylionHD has posted an interesting video involving air gameplay, which is basically detailing the way we’ll be playing Battlefield 1 when up there in the air with the vehicles inspired by World War I.

Battlefield 1 Air Gameplay Screenshot

Interesting stuff features weather conditions, that can be pretty hard to face at times (the video provides an insight at what it will be like to fly under heavy weather), sneaky maneuvers, that allow players to fly very close to the ground in order to not be detected by other users, the few views we’ll be able to choose among and the mechanic behind the bomb dropping.

It’s really like you should see this video if you want to play Battlefield 1 when it releases on October 21 and especially if you think air gameplay/combat is an important thing for you to enjoy it. It’s fundamentally something similar to what we saw in Star Wars Battlefront, with an older and maybe more fascinating setting.

In earlier news, it was remarked Battlefield 1’s DLC will be launching first on Xbox One and will include, among other things, additional content with the French army.