First Mario Kart 8 review arrived, says “Best Fun Racer”, overall score 90%, 60 FPS, Impressive graphics and more


The first review score of upcoming Wii U exclusive title, Mario Kart 8 has arrived. German magazine Gamepro has awarded the game an excellent review score of 90% and has termed the game as “Best Fun Racer”.

Mario Kart 8The publication confirms that Mario Kart 8 runs at 60 FPS on Wii U and graphics and music are really impressive. These details were shared by Reddit user BlutGulasch also a subscriber Gamepro, read all the details shared by him below.

  • 30 characters
  • Coins beeing used to buy new Kart parts
  • Music and graphics are amazing @ 60fps
  • More than 2 players = 30fps
  • Battle mode (balloons) only on regular tracks! No arenas!
  • New and old tracks are fantastic!
  • Blue shell are way too common (the guy wrote that he got sometimes 3-4 hits within one race – waaay too much!)
  • Online play could not be tested (no servers online)

Mario Kart 8 is scheduled to launch on May 30 in North America and in Europe.