First PS4 exclusive JRPG “Omega Quintet” announced via Famitsu, coming in Sep 2014, no words on western release


Here comes the official announcement of first Playstation 4 exclusive JRPG, Omega Quintet, it came in pretty unusual way but none the less Playstation fans in Japan will love it. Popular Japanese magazine Famitsu has revealed Omega Quintet from Compile Heart.

PS4Omega Quintet is about Idol RPG and it will launch on September 18 in Japan. No details were provided about western release of the game. The publication also carries some details regarding storyline of Omega Quintet. The game is about Idols and they will be countering mysterious power called as “Beep”.

While the magazine provided no screenshots of character artwork but it does revealed that character design of Omega Quintet are done by Fukahire.

Few months ago, SCEJA president Hiroshi Kawano promised waves of JRPG on Playstation 4 announcement is coming, well now it looks the time has finally arrive. Stay tuned to Gamepur for more updates “like trailer and screens” of Omega Quintet.