First PS4 Megaton Revealed, Capcom Announces Street Fighter V, Impressive Looking Debut Teaser Trailer Released: Updated

Capcom via their official YouTube channel have just released a debut teaser trailer for the next installment in Street Fighter franchise, Street Fighter 5. The teaser trailer has an emotional feeling and gives an impressive glimpse at the Street Fighter Franchise. The trailer also confirms the platforms on which Street Figter V will be releasing, its PlayStation 4 and PC.

Street Fighter V

Enjoy the teaser below.

Note: The Video is no longer available but you guys can still watch it here.

Capcom has not shared any details whatsoever on the nature of “PS4 Exclusive” deal i.e. whether Street Fighter V is lifetime or timed exclusive to PlayStation 4. Neither a release window or exact date has been mentioned.

So we have to wait and watch, expecting some clarification from Capcom at PlayStation Experience event later this week, but till end PlayStation fans can enjoy and celebrate this big announcement from Capcom.

Updated: Two screenshots from the trailer:

screenshot-1.jpg screenshot-2.jpg

Update 2: More Screenshots:

screenshot-3.jpg screenshot-4.jpg

Update 3: Here are four more screenshots of Street Fighter V:

screenshot-5.jpg screenshot-6.jpg screenshot-7.jpg screenshot-8.jpg