First screens showing PS4 firmware 1.7 changes released, HD streaming, HDCP Off and many more

Sony Japan has just released first screenshots of upcoming Playstation 4 firmware 1.70. The snaps show new Nico Nico Live streaming feature, ability to select HD streaming for Ustream, option to turn off HDCP.

PS4The screens also showcase ability to use the PS Vita TV for remote play (this feature won’t be available with PS4 firmware 1.7, but via corresponding PS VITA firmware).

You can check out the screenshots below. No release date has been announced yet by Sony about Playstation 4 firmware 1.70, but reports coming out from Sony Japan hints April 30 as release date.

PS4 Firmware 1.70 Screen 1 PS4 Firmware 1.70 Screen 2 PS4 Firmware 1.70 Screen 3 PS4 Firmware 1.70 Screen 4 PS4 Firmware 1.70 Screen 5 PS4 Firmware 1.70 Screen 6 PS4 Firmware 1.70 Screen 7

Earlier today, Sony via Playstation Blog announced that PS4 firmware will add ShareFactory, a new rich video editor app for PS4 that makes it easy for players to customize their gameplay videos. You can check out screens showing numerous editing options of ShareFactory in our coverage: “PS4 firmware 1.70 adds ShareFactory Video Editor, first screens showing editing options revealed

These are just few important changes coming with PS4 firmware 1.7, full changelog not yet revealed. Sony has promised more details in coming days. So Stay tuned.