Fix For Pokemon GO Three-Step Glitch Discovered

 Fix For Pokemon GO Three-Step Glitch Discovered

Pokemon GO has encountered a phenomenal launch in terms of gamers’ reception and mere download numbers, but the same cannot be said when talking about its technical side. Players find each and every day new bugs Niantic is working on to have a fix as soon as possible.

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In the wait for the developer to fix them, someone is searching and finding new solutions and workarounds to make the game as playable as possible. One of the most common glitches is the three-step glitch, one that causes Pokemon to always appear as being three steps away.

First, when you meet this glitch, just close the app. Move near the location of the Pokemon the app reported and then open it up again, so you could basically refresh the data Pokemon GO collects on each Pokemon, updating it to a correct one.

Take a look at this screenshot to have a better idea of how you can track the position of the Pokemon in case you don’t remember its exact location.