Focus on one Game at the time – Activision studios

It’s going to be one at a time for Activision. Executive Vice President, Activision, Dave Stohl reveal that from now on many of its studio will be focusing on develivering one game at a time.

Here is what Dave Stohl said about the studio working on delivering simulataneous more than one game,”It doesn’t make sense anymore”. He further added, “People want the freedom to put all their resources against the big opportunity, and that’s what we’re trying to do,”

“We saw it kinda coalesce around one or two titles a publisher,”, “On the Guitar Hero side, yeah, we’re not pursuing the strategy of doing as many SKUs as we were. And that’s a good thing, because that will simplify the strategy around one release on the Guitar Hero side and focus on innovation there.”

He reveal that the reason behind this decision is that they want to make each and every release by Activision really notable in the industry.

“We are focusing on our licensed business, from a business standpoint, to see what makes sense,”, “I think we’re trying to make every one of those launches really notable.”