Fortnite celebrates 20 million players, adds bush camouflage


Fortnite Battle Royale has hit another massive milestone—and celebrated with a new patch.

The free-to-play title has now amassed 20 million players since becoming available for everyone at the end of September.

Developer Epic Games has seen the game become an unexpected hit with players and Twitch streamers alike, perhaps coming at the perfect moment as Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds had catapulted battle royale games to the forefront.

Just one month ago, Fortnite reached seven million total players across all platforms, showing an impressive growth in its first few months. The announcement of the 20 million landmark coincided with the game’s latest patch, which makes a number of small but significant changes to the game.

The biggest one is the addition of the bush. It’s a new legendary item that is only available from chests and supply drops, and it’s exactly what you’re thinking it is.

It’s a single-use camouflage item that turns players into a bush. The bush is destroyed when it takes any damage at all, including from the storm. So you likely can’t hide in it forever.

The other big change affects the pump shotgun. The gun has been incredibly strong for the last few patches, but has now had its damage drop off distance tuned to try and bring it under control.