Fortnite Hits 20 Million Players, Epic Games Announces


Epic Games’ Fortnite has been causing a lot of excitement (and controversy) in the gaming community ever since its developers released Fortnite Battle Royale. But months later, the game mode’s popularity is paying off. In a tweet from earlier today, Epic revealed Fortnite has surpassed 20 million players.

Epic commemorated the milestone with a short video celebrating the game’s streaming community on Twitch.

“We just passed 20 million players across all of Fortnite since launch!” Epic wrote. “Thanks from the bottom of our [hearts].”

Of course, by 20 million players, Epic is counting the game’s lifetime playercount. Not concurrent players, which would be an enormous strain on a game that already struggled with nearly one million.

But hitting the 20 million milestone is a major achievement for Epic Games, seeing how Fortnite originally came out in July 2017. In comparison, Overwatch reached 20 million players in mid-Oct. 2016, which means the game took approximately five months to reach the 20 million mark. For Fortnite, it only took around three months. That’s an enormous amount of growth.

Fortnite is available now for for PC, PlayStation 4, Mac, and Xbox One through paid early access. A free-to-play version is planned for next year.