Fortnite: Battle Royale’s winter-themed event lands tomorrow, alongside a new patch


Season two of Fortnite: Battle Royale is set to kick off tomorrow, and it’s coming with a winter event and the 1.11 update.

A new feature within season two is something called a Battle Pass. Basically, purchasing the Battle Pass will unlock all of the season’s new cosmetic loot instantly. Epic says that you can play to level up your Battle Pass manually to unlock 65-plus rewards by the end of the season, but that it typically takes 75 to 150 hours to unlock everything.

Buying the Battle Pass just skips all of the time needed to unlock everything gradually, giving you access to all of the new cosmetics right away. A price was not announced in the patch notes. Season two begins on Dec. 14 and ends on Feb. 20.

The winter-themed event will feature things like a limited-time Snowball Grenade Launcher, a festive Battle Bus, and “other gifts waiting for you around the island.”

The image that came with the patch notes features numerous new festive cosmetic skins, like an elf costume, a reindeer costume, a gingerbread man costume, a nutcracker costume, and more.

Other features of the update include a new visual that previews trajectory when throwing a grenade, a 25 percent decrease in Legendary assault rifle drop rate in floor loot and chests, and reduced pump shotgun queuing time to reduce the chance that the weapon will be misfired.

The 1.11 update will launch on Dec. 14.