Fortnite Battle Royale Patch 1.7.1 Patch Notes


Epic Games has released a new patch 1.7.1 for Fortnite Battle Royale. The update is live now for all players and going by the details shared in the patch notes the update brings a lot of fan-requested changes to the game. One of the improvements that caught my eyes is the re-enabling of the DirectX 10 support – this will be helpful to players playing Fortnite Battle Royale on low-end PC. In addition to this, the other noticeable change is Cheater Report system – it will be easy for you to report cheaters in the game, and the availability of the player stats via STATS tab.

Fortnite Battle Royale Patch 1.7.1 Changelog

Patch 1.7.1 Changelog is pretty massive what I did is just listed the important changes made to the Gameplay, UI, Performance, Missions, and General. Read them below, and if you want to go through the full changelog then check out the source link provided right at the end of the article.

Patch 1.7.1 Changelog – Fortnite Battle Royale


  • We have increased the travel movement of the Battle Bus and increased skydiving velocity in order to offer an alternative strategy to jumping out of the Bus at the first possible moment.
  • Increased Battle Bus movement speed by 50% (from 4000 to 6000).
  • Increased skydiving terminal velocity by 50% (from 4000 to 6000).
  • The final storm safe zone will now close completely instead of holding at a 10 cm radius.
  • Players can now search supply drops without interruption from storm damage.
  • Improved the pre-game warmup UI to indicate the server is “Waiting for players to connect” and “Battle Bus launching” when the lobby is full.
  • Fixed the glider occasionally not auto-deploying at the correct height.
  • Fixed an issue which caused Supply Drops to become stuck in the air after player-built structures beneath them were destroyed.


  • There is now a Report Player button on the end-of-match screen to report players.
  • Critical hit damage on shielded players is now displayed in blue, like other displayed shielded damage numbers.
  • The color of each player’s marker in a duo/squad are now consistent with everywhere they are displayed.
  • Player indicators on the minimap will now match the color the player was assigned instead of all players showing as a cyan color.
  • Changed the item drop icon on the Inventory screen from a trash can to a “drop arrow” to more clearly indicate its purpose.
  • You can now hold down ‘Shift’ before dragging an item to only drop one of that item.
  • Teammates will no longer show up as eliminated when they are loading into the map.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented eliminated players from entering text in the Send Feedback interface when using a controller.


  • Fixed multiple issues which could cause a brief freeze in game.
  • Fixed a significant hitch that occurred when the last player was eliminated from the game.
  • Fixed a hitch which occurred after the Battle Bus skydiving phase completed.
  • Reduced hitching on PlayStation 4.


  • Fixed an issue which caused the Launcher to appear early in the “Deliver the Bomb” mission when a player joined an ‘in-progress’ zone.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some players to be unable to activate the bomb in the “Deliver the Bomb” missions.


  • Fixed a crash that occasionally occurred when canceling a game rejoin.
  • Re-enabled support for DirectX 10.
  • Fixed several client crashes.

Source: Epic Games