Fortnite BR assault rifles nerfed in latest update


With Fortnite continuing its surge in the battle royale genre, the game was updated yet again by developer Epic Games to balance out the weapon arsenal even more.

The assault rifles are the newest guns to be fixed, and all of the damage and headshot values were tweaked in a recent update. Each rifle rarity has experienced a decrease in base damage and a reduced headshot multiplier from 2.5 to two. These nerfs are excluded for the scoped and burst assault rifle variants.

The change in base damage values are as follows:

  • Common (gray): 32 to 30
  • Uncommon (green): 33 to 31
  • Rare (blue): 35 to 33
  • Epic (purple): 37 to 35
  • Legendary (gold): 39 to 36

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This update is the second to be shipped in two weeks, as the sub-machine guns were also changed last week. The SMG received both a damage increase and a launch of the suppressed version of the gun.

The assault rifle nerf may likely be the last update to Fortnite BR before the holiday weekend, and thankfully, Epic Games is consistently monitoring gameplay-related discussion to improve user experience.