Fortnite 1.8 update adds leaderboards, statistics, and cosmetic items


Fortnite‘s Fortnitemares update, also known as update 1.8, has added a ton of new features to the growing Battle Royale side of the game.

The update brought with it new items, cosmetics for player characters, leaderboards, and in-game stats in one of the biggest improvements to the mode since it was released last month.

The game’s in-game currency, v bucks, can now be used to purchase new pick axes, character skins, and gliders. Different items are on sale every day, with a couple of weekly options too. Two Halloween-themed characters are available to purchase as the weekly items right now.

With this comes the addition of the locker, which allows players to manage their look. Here you can change your banner, and pick exactly which cosmetics to show off.

The game also now has leaderboards, although they won’t show the entire player base. You can see how you stack up next to your friends, and compare yourself to a group of 50 random players. If you come out on top in that group each week, rewards will be available to purchase.

This progression also adds daily challenges for extra XP, levelling, and level bonuses. Right now, it seems like there’s no way to earn v bucks in Battle Royale—but you can in the Save the World PvE, which is currently still 40 percent off.

Amidst all these out of game changes are also some small quality of life improvements to. Say goodbye to pick axe looting, as ammo, resources and traps are now automatically picked up when you run over them. A new item, slurp juice, has also been added. It gives shield and health over time, and is currently restricted to just chests and drops.

Fortnite‘s free-to-play Battle Royale mode is enjoying a great first month. Two weeks ago, the company boasted that 10 million players had tried the game so far.