Launch pads and bigger ammo stacks coming to Fortnite today


If you were getting used to bushes in Fortnite Battle Royale, we’re got bad news—there’s another update coming.

The game’s 1.9 patch is currently being rolled out worldwide, and it features some important changes to the burgeoning Battle Royale title.

The update will add launch pads to the game, a trap that throws players high into the air and allows them to redeploy their glider and travel great distances. It’s not quite clear exactly how this is going to work yet—this is one you’re going to have to get in and test for yourself.

It’s also not super clear whether or not this is a change to the game’s existing jump pad traps, or a whole new trap.

Perhaps the biggest change in this patch is the changes to ammo stacks. Normally medium ammo is found in stacks of 10 in whatever game mode—but in this new update, the stack size increases depending on what mode you are playing in. For duos mode it will come in stacks of 14, while in squads the ammo will be in piles of 18.

This change makes it much easier to share out enough ammo between you and your team mates, and makes it less likely you’ll run out in a crucial fight. Medium ammo is the most important ammo in the game, as it’s used in the game’s rifles.

The update also adds the ability to build in shallow bodies of water, like Loot Lake, as well as fixing a ton of small gameplay issues like weird areas players couldn’t build on.

The patch is currently rolling out worldwide, so should be ready for download very soon.