How to Farm Nuts n’ Bolts in Fortnite


If you’ve played Fortnite for any time at all, you’ve probably learned one lesson pretty quickly—you need nuts n’ bolts.

Nuts n’ bolts are a basic resource in the game, and they’re pretty common. But you also need them to make some of the most fundamental in-game tools, like ammunition and traps.

When things get particularly spicy, you can easily burn through 1,000 bullets in a mission or two. One of Fortnite’s best mechanics is the ability to craft ammo on the fly by holding the reload button. But if you’re out of nuts n’ bolts, you could be caught high and dry. Resource farming is an important part of Fortnite—one you will want to do as efficiently as possible.

Location, location, location

Not all zones are created equal. One of the worst places to try and farm resources is your Storm Base—so make sure you are stocked up before those defences.

Obviously forest areas aren’t great either, although they do often have some small settlements and camps that you can smash up. Survivor shelters in these zones are also a good save.

You can get nuts n’ bolts pretty well in industrial zones, but most people prefer the suburbs. If you are looking to do nothing but farm nuts n’ bolts, head to the suburbs for the best and clearest opportunities. It’s laid out in the most logical way, and there are plenty of easy potential chest locations as well as a bonus.

Get the motor running

Make no bones about it, there’s one single way to best gets nuts n’ bolts reliably—smash up some cars.

It’s a tactic that’s very popular in Battle Royale too as it also gets you quick metal for building later on. That also applies to Save the World—metal (along with wood) is used for ammo. You might also find yourself building bigger bases than you will ever see in BR, so keep your metal as high as possible at all times. Before you’re even too far into Plakerton, you might find even 999 isn’t enough!

Cars are the best source of nuts n’ bolts. So load into a low powered suburbs zone, and get smashing.

Sweat the small stuff

Outside of cars, there are some other common farming techniques to try in these suburban zones.

See that tin can on the ground? The one that looks like it’s full of cat food? You’ll find them all over the world, and you should really always loot them rather than run past. It takes a few seconds, and guarantees nuts n’ bolts.

One way to come out with a decent haul of nuts n’ bolts while also getting some useful resources is to head round the very edge of the map. Dice with death and traverse the cliffs, and you’ll find a ton of tin cans around the outside. You will also find quite a few caves which will be filled with ore deposits. Make sure you mine these, especially coal deposits. Coal is used for a ton of stuff, especially blast powder which is then used for weapons.

All metal objects in the world have a high chance of dropping nuts n’ bolts, so if you want to really come away with a big haul just smash everything in site. Also once you loot toolboxes, make sure to smash them up too.

Cache in for the biggest haul

Outside of the standard smashing and looting, there’s one way to really boost your nuts n’ bolts supply quickly.

Once you get to the second world, Plankerton, you will be offered Repair the Shelter missions. These missions are pretty annoying due to the short timed objectives that often send you to all corners of the map, but they also hold some impressive booty.

The mission involves finding a number of cloacked hidden caches. Outside of the ones with mission objectives in them, you can find a ton of resources. In most of them you’ll find at least 75 nuts n’ bolts. It’s not the most reliable, and they aren’t missions to farm in because of the time pressure, but it’s the biggest single hauls you’ll find.

Remember—you don’t have to succeed at the mission to keep your resources. So if you want, ignore the mission and find the caches.