Big changes are coming to SMGs in Fortnite BR


As Fortnite Battle Royale continues to grow in popularity, developers Epic Games are making even more changes.

After adding the Launch Pad earlier this week, as well as tweaking ammo stack size, the developers have laid out their next target for improvements—SMGs.

The SMGs are pretty universally derided in Fortnite. The purple Tactical SMG is decent, but other than that they are pretty useless. They don’t carry enough ammo, they don’t do enough damage, and they have bloom for days.

But Epic has noticed how sad you are when you get another grey SMG from a chest, and is taking action.

In response to player feedback, basic SMGs will be getting a damage boost as well as an increase in magazine size. Next week will also see the launch of the silenced SMG, which is the first silenced weapon in the game.

In the video Epic also made another awesome announcement—as long as grenade and rocket riding doesn’t break the game, they are going to officially support it as a feature. Rocket riding is one of the coolest things the community has developed, and makes for some crazy highlights.

Fortnite will also be getting a BR test server in the near future, to allow Epic to test out “bigger changes to core gameplay.” The first target for that will be “weapon and combat feel” including weapon bloom—another regular touchstone for player complaints.