Forza 5 In-Game GIF Show Photo Realistic Graphics And True Power And Capability of Xbox One


Yesterday Microsoft released the launch trailer for Xbox One exclusive game “Forza 5” which feature some stunning and photorealistic graphics and visuals.

Forza 5

If you missed out on it, don’t worry we have you cover on it along with few extra things, GIF featuring all in-game footage screenshots, i.e showcasing Forza 5 in all its glory.

Take a look at the GIF and launch trailer of Forza 5 below. The game will launch alongside Xbox One on November 22.

Forza 5 All-In-Game Footage GIF

Watch Forza 5 Launch Trailer Below: We Advice Readers To View The Trailer in Full HD 720 or 1080p And The Above GIF By Opening In New Tab.