Forza 5 Graphic Design Artist Creates Lifelike Lamborghini Aventador With Cardboard


The next installment in Forza series, Forza 5 looks stunning on Xbox One. Almost all cars in the game looks identical to its real life counterpart, and credit of it goes to Taras Lesko, Graphic Design Artist of Forza series.

Taras Lesko Cardboard Lamorghini

The creativity and talent level of Taras Lesko knows no bounds and here is the most recent proof of this: Taras Lesko has created wild cardboard Lamorghini.

This latest masterpiece from Taras Lesko cost over $1,000 in materials, and measures eight feet in length. It look Taras Lesko more than 100 hours to create this a lifelike Lamborghini Aventador (with Cardboard).