Forza 5, Ryse Son of Rome and Dead Rising 3 Install Size and Rear of Cases Revealed


The install size of few Xbox One exclusive has been revealed, all thanks to reddit user “BenneyBopper”. The user got access to back cover of Ryse: Son of Rome, Dead Rising 3 and Forza 5 at a nearby EB Game Store.

Forza 5Take a look at install size details of these three Xbox One exclusive game.

Dead Rising 3: Needs 35GB HDD space for installation, plus there’s no co-op

Dead Rising 3 Install Size

Ryse: Son of Rome: 47GB HDD Space for Installation plus Impulse triggers and no local co-op

RYSE Son of Rome Install Size

Forza 5: 35GB. Local co-op! Upto 16 players online.

Forza 5 Install Size