Four new in-game item added as inFamous 2 pre-order bonuses

Infamous 2 pre-order bonuses is just getting bigger and bigger, Sony has just added a total of four new in-game items to the existing pre-order bonuses.

inFamous 2: Hero Edition packshot

All those who pre-order Infamous 2 Standard or Hero Edition will receive a code to download:

  • Reaper skin: play in the guise of one of the first game’s villains
  • Sly’s Cane: Sly Cooper’s signature weapon
  • Samurai Sword: weapon
  • Caveman Club: weapon

The above bonuses content are applicable to all major retailers, and these are in addition to retailer specific bonuses available at Amazon, Best Buy and many more.

Infamous 2 is slated to release on June 7 in US, June 8 in Europe and on June 10 in UK.