Free Just Cause 2 DLC Download is Out


Gamers who all where waiting for the first ever DLC of Just Cause 2, now can have it as the publisher of the game Square Enix has already release the DLC for Just Cause 2 that too for the platform that is Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Detail of this DLC is that it will gamers an access to a ice cream van called Chevalir Ice Breaker by use of which they can just smash and crash there way to all round of Panau. This Chevalir Ice Breaker will have low suspension along with slick alluminum alloy and body-stlye side skirts giving it capabitility to rip apart any thing in its way.

There is no need for the gamers to download it from some site, this DLC of Just Cause 2 will automatically downloaded by the inline updater in the game itself and will also get automatically installed you will just hae to restart for this DLC to get install, SO don’t wait for anything just have this DLC of Just Cause 2 and enjoy your gameplay.