New Year’s hat and noodles available for logging into Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp


Nintendo is handing out free New Year’s items in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp to help players ring in the new year right.

Logging into Pocket Camp will grant players two free items, a red New Year’s hat and a bowl of New Year’s noodles. The items should be sent automatically to player mailboxes. To collect them, just head over to the mailbox menu.

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“How was the first year of your camping life?” Nintendo asked in a Pocket Camp notice. “We’re sending you a little something to help you ring in the New Year. We hope that you have a wonderful year to come.”

The New Year’s items are part of a larger Pocket Camp New Year’s event, which began on Dec. 26, right after the end of the winter holiday event. New clothes, furniture, and currency have been added to the game for the limited-time event. The New Year’s event is Japanese-themed, and includes a kadomatsu screen, fancy kadomatsu, flowery kotatsu, a zodiac dog, fancy osechi, a mochi pestle, an Isabelle kite, and a basket of tangerines, among other items. Clothing items include kimono sandals, blue haori, and a kimono.

Pocket Camp’s New Year’s event ends Jan. 11.