From PS4 GUI To Start of Killzone: Shadow Fall Takes 15 Seconds Only: Swedish Magazine

Killzone: Shadow Fall

PlayStation fans will be amazed to learn that it takes just 15 seconds time period for Killzone: Shadow Fall to starts after player has inserted the disc in PlayStation 4 consoles. This new piece of information comes from Swedish Magazine “GameReactor”. A journalist from the magazine recently got a golden chance to visit Guerrilla Games office to try out Killzone: Shadow Fall. Read below what journalist wrote in his preview of Killzone: Shadow Fall.

Killzone: Shadow Fall

The snippets from Article in Swedish:

“En av de coolaste detaljerna som Guerrilla visade mig under besöket tidigare i veckan var hur snabbt Killzone Shadow Fall startar när man väl proppat i skivan i sin konsol. Från och med att man klickar på spelikonen i PS4:ans interna gränssnitt tar det endast 15 sekunder (!) för spelet att dra igång. Alltså, 15 sekunder innan man är igång och spelar. Något som tar flera minuter i Killzone 3 (exempelvis).”

Translated in English:

“One of the coolest detailas that Guerilla showed me during the visit earlier in the week was how fast Killzone Shadow Fall starts when you have inserted the disc in the console. From the time when you click on the game icon on the PS4:s internal GUI it only takes 15 seconds (!) for the game to get going. In other Words, 15 seconds before you are on the go and gaming. Something that took several minutes in Killzone 3 (for example)”.

NOTE From Editor: In Simple terms for readers who still asking question: is it 15 seconds to start screen, or 15 seconds to the gameplay?

15 sekunder innan man är igång och spelar

It means 15 seconds to the Gameplay.

At Gamescom 2013, Shuhei Yoshida showed us PS4 GUI with Killzone: Shadow Fall that was not loaded in memory (13 sec mark, GUI has button for “Start” the game), and he jumped from GUI to MP gameplay in just 7 seconds. Take a look at the footage from GamesCom 2013 below.

Source: NeoGaf