Frostbite Dev on Ubisoft’s Far Cry 4 PS4/Xbox One Equivalent to PC at Ultra Setting Claim, “Embarrassing To Hear”

Far Cry 4

Recently, Ubisoft’s Alex Hutchinson explained graphics/visuals difference between next-gen and current-gen versions of Far Cry 4. In addition to this, Alex claimed that Far Cry 4 on Playstation 4 and Xbox One is equivalent to PC at Ultra Setting.

Far Cry 4

This claim didn’t go down to well with Johan Andersson, Technical Director on Frostbite at EA, and via Twitter, Johan spoke about it openly. Taking a jab at Ubisoft and Far Cry 4 on PS4/Xbox One equals to PC at Ultra Setting claim, Johan said its “Embarrassing to hear” words like this from developers.

“Embarrassing to hear devs say their console versions is the same quality as “ultra high” on PC. Then you are _not_ taking advantage of PC!” tweeted Johan.

Johan didn’t stop here, he carried on taking jab at Ubisoft. Check out the conversation that followed after the above tweet of Johan:

When asked: “@repi unless “Ultra High” is the lowest graphical setting.” Johan replied: “sure, if they have no idea on how to name quality settings :)”

Shaun Peoples: “Maybe they’re ultra-high when making those claims?”

Johan: “possibly ūüôā or got misquoted which is common (didn’t listen to the full podcast)”

Keith Judge: “Our console version is the same as ultra high PC, it just runs at 2fps.

Johan: “that is one approach ūüôā likely not a shippable approach though, heh”

The concerned raised by Johan is Valid, just consider the recent controversy related to graphics/visuals downgrade in Watch Dogs PC port. Modder from Guru3D forum added graphical settings of E3 2012/13 build to Watch Dogs retail PC version via 1MB patch.

This is not all, Johan Andersson also commented on The Order: 1886 Dev comment: “30/24 is WAY more cinematic”. He stated that “its BS, and gameplay is alway better at higher frame-rate”

Johan first said: “It is too bad that 4k/UHD now when it is becoming more available isn’t standardized on 60 fps, such a major improvement over 24/30”

And when asked: “Yea, but sadly many developer statements don’t help either like the guys from order 1986 who say that 30/24 is WAY more cinematic” Johan replied:

“they are a console exclusive so framerate has a massive impact. but yes it is BS, gameplay is always better at higher framerate”

This is not the first time Ubisoft has come under the radar, there’s long list of example Far Cry 3, read our feature article on this: Watch Dogs Graphics Downgrade Controversy: Ubisoft Is A History-Sheeter, Far Cry 3 Is The Best Example