Frostpunk Debut Gameplay Trailer – “Heartbeats”

It’s safe to say that 11 bit studios, the makers of This War of Mine, have a special talent for designing games that force you to make tough choices in order to survive. Frostpunk intends to take that theme to a larger scale, as you will be managing an entire city in its attempt to survive against the bitter cold.

11 bit studios have released their debut gameplay trailer, entitled “Heartbeats”.

Frostpunk is a city-survival game in which heat means life, and every decision comes with a cost. Living among the frozen remnants of Earth, it is up to the player to shape society, establishing the laws and customs to ensure survival.

What will you sacrifice for the greater good? Will you allow child labor? How will you treat the sick and the wounded? With the future of humankind in your hands, Frostpunk is both a challenge of tactical planning and a test of your own morality.

No definitive release date has been set for Frostpunk so far, but we are expecting it to be released in late 2017. It is currently listed on Steam, if you’d like to keep tabs on it. We will of course bring you any breaking news about Frostpunk here at TL;DR Games, as we were big fans of This War of Mine.

For those of you fortunate enough to attend Pax West, you’ll be able to get some hands on time with Frostpunk by visiting 11 bit studios on Level 4, Booth #133.