Further Details On Curse Of Osiris Revealed

Destiny 2

The second in Bungie’s Curse of Osiris streams has been and gone. This week’s had Dave Matthews (not that one) who is the Curse of Osiris Art Director, and Dan Miller the expansions Game Director. Each stream has an overall theme, this weeks being “New Ways To Play”. Should you wish to watch the stream yourself, it is embedded down below. For now, I will be running through the elements that stood out to me.

New Public Event

They opened with footage of the new Public Event, designed specifically for Mercury. The space it takes place in was custom built for the event, and will apparently only be accessible during the event. It seems to center around the idea of kill Vex and everyone’s favorite activity, dunking balls of energy. A new Public Event will be nice, but I worry about the replayability factor based off the Public Events we have already seen. Like all the others, it also has a Heroic Mode but they made sure to hide the trigger for it. As an event it certainly happens on a bigger scale than we are used to, involving moving between different areas. They also mentioned on stream that it is the most rewarding one to date.

We got a decent look at some of the new weapons during this event, including a Sidearm, a Pulse Rifle that look like a revamped version of the Stranger’s Pulse Rifle and a rather nice looking Shotgun.

After that they moved to talking about end game reward systems. Once again they focused on the Lighthouse, which seems to be acting as a hub area for Mercury. We get to see Brother Vance standing in his area and they remind us that he will be the guy handing out Packages and mission/adventures here. Brother Vance gives out Lost Prophecies, which are challenges for Guardians that take the form of small cubes. They tie in to weapons that the players can find and there are eleven of these Lost Prophecies in total. Most of them seem to resolve themselves just by playing certain activities in the game.

They covered the Forge and what they called the Vex Weapon Wall, a circle of glyphs that represent weapons that players can find after they have moved through the story portion of the DLC and showed how the Forge is used to create them. These weapons are an interesting blend of the tech we are used to an Vex tech and they do look nice at least.

Curse of Osiris will have two strikes, both of which will form a part of the campaign. This is something that people missed from the first game, so it is nice to see it come back. One thing I am worried about is that they said that these strikes were designed as a single player experience and will scale up for the Strike playlist. Frankly I don’t think Bungie have quite mastered scaling an experience between one and three people.

The Infinite Forest

They spent some time showing us an Adventure in the Infinite Forest, and make a point of saying that they feel adventures will be a core part of exploring the area in the DLC. The Infinite Forest is an extremely interesting looking area and encounters vary each time you are in it, but once again how replayable all this stuff will be remains to be seen. The Forest also allows players to move into the past or the future. For the Adventure they played on stream we got to see the future, a place when the Vex have achieved their ultimate victory. The Forest is basically a giant simulation that the Vex use to inform their plans and decisions.

That was about it for this stream. There was a lot of talk about content and things to do but it is understandable that they don’t want to spoil everything before the release. I am still unsure how to feel about the upcoming DLC if I am honest. I feel like there is a lot riding on this for Bungie and that this DLC needs to be a strong offering to keep an already restless playerbase engaged.