G2A Responds To All Controversy And Accusation In A Reddit AMA


Controversial PC game key reseller G2A has recently held a Reddit AMA in the effort to answer questions from video game fans currently believing the website is harming the industry by providing keys at the cheaper price in comparison with official stores and not giving any royalties to the makers of those games – the developers.

G2A Responds To Accusation In Reddit AMA

Accusations G2A.com had to defend from include:

  • G2A sells pirated keys
  • G2A is a gray market
  • G2A doesn’t handle seller verification properly
  • G2A Shield is a shady service that takes too long to deactivate
  • And developers lose money because of the marketplace

“If the key is on G2A, that means that it came from the developer, which means they have already been paid. If you want to buy that game on our marketplace, they won’t receive any additional money out of that (actually, they could with G2A Direct, but let’s [not] go into that here),” they added on top of that.

“We have special departments in G2A (over 100 people) dedicated to protecting our marketplace. We can’t disclose exactly how we search for these shady people, or what triggers our suspicions because that would be giving them a possible roadmap as to how to try and get away with something. The problem is that sometimes the issue (unfortunately) starts on the developers’ own site, which can sometimes lack security. And in those situations, if the developer is not willing to work with us it gets a little complicated. In some situations, if a key was not reported to us as stolen and we weren’t told it was blacklisted or shown any proof, then there is little we can do.”

Among the controversial facts occurred to the platform, as reported by Eurogamer.net, “in June, Microsoft supplied G2A with over 550 game codes it believed were bought on a third-party site with stolen credit cards. G2A said it was able to identify the keys and remove them from the auction. Punch Club publisher TinyBuild had previously claimed G2A sold nearly half a million dollars’ worth of its games and it didn’t receive a penny in return. Eventually, G2A.com announced plans to give developers royalties on third-party auctions.”

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Check out full AMA on Reddit.