Gabe Newell reportedly worth $5.5 billion


Valve cofounder and CEO Gabe Newell has made a name for himself in gaming as an incredibly successful programmer, publisher, and industry leader. And that reputation is paying off. Forbes revealed earlier today that Newell is one of the top 100 people on the Forbes 400 list, with a net worth resting at $5.5 billion.

Newell ranks at No. 97 on the Forbes 400 list, according to Forbes’ latest update. He’s No. 43 for the globe’s richest person in tech, No. 427 for the world’s richest billionaires, and No. 146 for billionaires within the United States. In short, Newell is pretty successful, and he’s actually one of the most wealthy men in gaming today.

This isn’t Newell’s first time on the Forbes 400, of course. He first hopped on in September 2015, when his net worth jumped to $2.2 billion. As late as March, his net worth rested at $4.1 billion, but it’s since skyrocketed further into $5.5 billion. In other words, Newell’s company is doing quite well, thanks in part to Steam’s success as a gaming distribution service.

It’s unclear where Valve is headed in the near future. But based on Newell’s previous growth, it’s clear his net worth will only increase as the years go on.

H/T Forbes