Game Breaking Bug Hits Watch Dogs on PC and Xbox One, Wipes Out All In-Game Progress, Ubisoft Working on Fix

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A game breaking bug has been discovered in Ubisoft’s upcoming open world title, Watch Dogs. The game is yet to hit retail shelves officially but few lucky owners are already enjoying the game thanks to retailers breaking the street date.

This bug happens randomly but hits players progress really hard as they lose all their in-game progress including skills, weapons, outfits and more. As per the details we have received from users on Ubisoft forums, so far this bug has affected players on PC and Xbox One.

Watch Dogs

“Got discovered and killed while tailing someone, respawned in free roam, all my weapons were gone, outfit was default, and all my skills (crafting and such that I had unlocked to date) were still unlocked in the skill tree, but I could not use them.” said user playing Watch Dogs on Xbox One, who first discovered the bug.

Another user who was playing on PC said: “after i got defeaded in an oberservation match (i was the attacker and got knocked of meele style) cant play multiplayer anymore, cant use “old” guns mainly i miss the silenced one, all small hideouts are gone, my character is smashing car windows again but no alarm goes off, cant open gates anymore.”

We just hope, Ubisoft fixes this issue as soon as possible probably before game’s official release. Did you receive a copy of Watch Dogs early? Tell us in the comment section below, if you have discovered any bug/issue.