Game Dev Named Jon Jones Has Hilarious Twitter Timeline

Almost everyone has heard of Jon Jones, perhaps the greatest mixed martial artist of all time and the man who took back the Light Heavyweight title from Daniel “DC” Cormier at UFC 214 last night. The lead up to the fight saw Jon “’Bones” Jones’ social media interaction pick up, which is causing a lot of confusion for Jon Jones the game developer.

It’s a very common mistake. You see, Jon Jones the game developer owns the @JonJones Twitter handle, and is even verified. Jon “Bones” Jones, the MMA star, owns @JonnyBones on Twitter. You could see how this mistake could be made, but apparently it was made a lot over the weekend. Like, 300,000 plus times a lot.

The error is no doubt partly due to the fact Jon Jones the game developer is also verified. There are lots of Jon “Bones” Jones impersonators and fan accounts on social media, but that little blue check mark is all a keyboard warrior needs to assume they’ve found the right person. After all, that’s sort of the point of Twitter’s verification system, but in this case, it leads only to hilarious confusion.

It looks like Jon Jones the game dev is taking it all in stride, though. One of the tweets asks about his ban for sexual enhancement drugs, which was obviously his mixed martial arts buddy. He replied that he registered and redirected it to his blog, and he did!

Bravo, Jon Jones. Both of you.