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The Last Of Us Game Director Bruce Straley Shared Why He Left Naughty Dog

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Bruce Straley

Bruce Straley steps away before the release of Last of Us 2, shared reason what made him to exist Naughty Dog.

Former Motorstorm and Driveclub Devs Working On New Sci-Fi Genre

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Wushu Studio

Developers who worked on Motorstorm and Driveclub came together to create a new Sci-Fi genre game, with a new company name Wushu Studio.

Traditional AAA Single Player Games Ten Times More Expensive: Remedy

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Remedy Entertainment

Thomas Puha, Head of Communications (Remedy Entertainment) in an interview shared some insight on why it is hard to focus on Traditional AAA Single Player Games.

Quantic Dreams Top Leaders Accused For Unhealthy Work Culture

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Quantic Dreams

Quantic Dreams founder and executive producer are accused of hostile work racism, hostile work environment and sexist humor by French media.

Pachter: Xbox Will Win Black Friday 2017 In The United States With The Help Of Xbox One X

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Xbox One X vs PS4 - Black Friday 2017 Sale Winner

Michael Pachter thinks that Xbox One X will play a major role in Xbox winning Black Friday in the United States. However, PlayStation 4 is going to win Black Friday globally and he has a valid reason for his prediction.

Ubisoft's Perception: PS5 And Next-Xbox Release Minimum 2 Years Away

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Ubisoft On PS5 And Next-Xbox

Ubisoft CEO in an Investors' Call stated that PlayStation 5 and the next-gen Xbox is at least 2 years away from release. He added that this 2 Years is just their perception and not a confidential information.

Pokemon Company CEO Predicted Nintendo Switch Would Fail

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Tsunekazu Ishihara

Tsunekazu Ishihara, CEO of The Pokemon Company revealed that he thought Nintendo Switch won't be a Success gaming console.

Hideo Kojima Breaks His Silence, says "Because Of Konami, I'm The Person I Am Today"

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Hideo Kojima vs Konami Controversy

Hideo Kojima for the very first time commented on Konami (after the split). In an interview to Japanese website, Kojima stated that it is becaue of Konami that he has reached such great heights.

Who Was Corey Gaspur And What Are The Games He Worked On [Short Profile]

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Anthem Lead Designer Passed Away

Anthem Lead Designer Corey Gaspur passed away today. Corey Gaspur joined Bioware in March 2007, Studied Game Design at Vancouver Film School.

Nintendo Switch Worldwide Sales 4.7 Million, Zelda: BOTW And Mario Kart 8 Over 3 Million

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Nintendo Swtich Worldwide Sales June 2017

Nintendo Switch overall sale is 4.7 million units as of June 30, 2017. Breath of the Wild and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe sales is over 3 million units during the same period.