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EA's Jade Raymond Thinks Single-Player Is "Definitely Not Dead"

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Jade Raymond Thinks Single-player Game Is Not Dead

Despite the cancellation of the latest Star Wars single-player title and the closure of Visceral Games, Electronic Arts says it still believes in games with story modes and all the things that people like me love about rich solo campaigns.

Ubisoft Manages To Stay Independent As Vivendi Exits The Company, Tencent Enters With 5%

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Ubisoft Stays Independent, Tencent Buys 5% Share

Vivendi has made its exit from Ubisoft and Tencent has entered the firm by buying 5% stake in the company. With this deal, Ubisoft has stayed independent.

9-year-old Child Shots His Sister Dead Over a Video Gamer Argument

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Teen Shoos Sister For Video Game

A 9-year-old child shot her sister over a video game argument in Monroe County, according to the report from WTVA.

Microsoft And Sony Shouldn't Copy Nintendo, Xbox Co-Creator Says

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Xbox Creator On Why Sony and Microsoft Should Not Copy Nintendo

Xbox Co-Creator Ed Fries has a piece of advice for Microsoft and Sony - Don't Copy Nintendo. Ed Fries explains his advice in detail in a recent interview with GeekWire.

Gabe Newell Announces Valve Is "Back To Making And Shipping Games"

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Gabe Newell: Valve Is Back To Making And Shipping Games

Valve and Gabe Newell is back to what they do the best - Making and Shipping Games. Gabe Newell made the announcement of this at Valve's new office at Bellevue.

SCDKey Slashes Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition Price, Available For $42.82

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FFXV Windows Edition Steam Key - SCDKey Offer

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition is available for $42.82 at SCDKey i.e. at a discount of 27 percent. Also, Xbox Live Gold Subscription 12 Months is available for $48, and many other offers are live now at SCDKey.

US President Trump Says He'll Meet Video Games Industry, ESA "Not Received An Invitation"

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Donald Trump To Meet Video Game Industry

Sarah Sandres has announced that the US President Donald Trump will be meeting with the video games industry on the topic of violent video games after the Parkland shooting.

DICE Awards 2018 - Zelda: Breath of the Wild GOTY, Other Awards For Cuphead, Horizon, PUBG

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

DICE Awards 2018 winners were announced today. Nintendo's Breath of the Wild took home the GOTY award. Other big winners were Cuphead, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, and Horizon Zero Dawn.

Rhode Island Lawmaker Proposes New Tax On Violent Games After Florida School Shooting

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Florida School Shooting - Senate Proposes New Tax On Violent Games

Rhode Island Senator Robert Nardolillo has proposed more tax on violent video games like GTA V after Florida School Shooting.

NPD January 2018: Nintendo Switch Most Sold Console, Monster Hunter World #1 Game

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NPD January 2018 - Nintendo Switch Top Selling Console

January 2018 NPD report is out and Nintendo Switch has been named as the best selling console. Monster Hunter World was named as the best selling video game of the month.