Gamers Report Trouble Ejecting PS4 Discs, Sony Wants More Feedback


Yet another nasty issue related to Playstation 4 has been discovered, and this time around its related to ejecting discs from the console.

PS4Sony via official PS4 Support section announced that they are aware of disc ejecting issue, however main cause of the issue is not yet known and so Sony wants PS4 gamers experiencing ejecting discs or similar issue to answer few questions:

Here are the list of questions Sony want players experiencing Disc Ejecting issue on PS4 to answers:

  1. What title were you trying to eject?
  2. Were you installing any game data at the time?
  3. Did you see any game or system notifications beforehand (Ready to install notifications, error messages, etc.)?
  4. What troubleshooting steps did you attempt?

Seeing the response of gamers to this thread it looks like the issue is widespread. Have you experience this nasty issue with ejecting PS4 discs?, let us know in the comment section below.