How to start a garden in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp


Gardens are finally available in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

Players will automatically find their campsites updated with a new garden plot to the left side of their campsites. Once the new garden area is reached, players will be greeted by Isabelle and Lloid. Planting seeds is very simple—if seeds are available, they’ll be plantable once the plot is clicked on.

Screengrab via Nintendo

Lloid will hand out some seeds to start with, as well as flower food to help flowers go quicker.

Once a flower is planted, a sprout will appear on the plot. Flower beds can become dry, so players will want to check back often to water their plants. Once a plot has become dry, it’ll turn a lighter brown. Click on the dry plot and click the water droplet to water the plant.

Once a flower has bloomed—naturally, with flower food, or using Lloid’s fertilizing service—it’ll need to be harvested. Tapping the flower will bring up a menu with two options: harvest or cross-pollinate. Hit harvest to pick up the flower. Cross-pollination allows players to create new, rarer variations of seeds.

Flowers are used to create special items in Pocket Camp. There are a ton of new flower-inspired items added to Pocket Camp with the garden update, and many of these can only be unlocked with flowers. Players can trade in their flowers at Lloid’s Flower Exchange by tapping on Lloid himself. Click Flower Trade to bring up a new menu. Lloid offers everything from floral stuffed bears to tables and chairs. A ton of flower clothing is new in Pocket Camp, too—all unlockable with flowers.

As with anything in Pocket Camp, Leaf Tickets—and real money—significantly speed up the process of growing flowers. But if you don’t want to pay, you can still reap the rewards of a nicely groomed garden, you’ve just got to put in the time.