GDC 2017 Final Fantasy XV Panel To Reveal Interactive Music Trailer

Square Enix is set to be holding a panel at Game Developers Conference 2017 on March 3rd at 3 PM, which is unfortunately not going to be live streamed. Anyway, we have a proper description for it and even a trailer, detailing what the developer will be discussing right there: the making of Final Fantasy XV music itself.

Final Fantasy XV GDC Panel Information

“Interactive music is common in AAA games, but in games like ‘Final Fantasy‘ that always have a strong melody line and musical progression, it doesn’t go well in the same way. Square Enix worked to make an intelligent music system called “MAGI”, that allows composers to create music in any tempo or measures and has customized sync points to make it interactive while remaining epic,” the description says.

“In this talk, the sound team behind ‘Final Fantasy XV’ will share how they created actual music data in their proprietary authoring tools, and issues they faced during implementing them such as synchronization with game scene and looping, fading, etc.”

MAGI will be discussed by Audio Programmer Sho Iwamoto. You can have a look at the trailer anticipating the GDC 2017 panel right below.