Gears 5 Confirms Skiff Will Allow Free Roaming Exploration

Gears 5 Confirms Skiff Will Allow Free Roaming Exploration

At E3 last year we were shown a skiff that players could use in Gears 5, which looked one of those gimmicky vehicles the series is known for and is usually deployed for linear segments ending in epic boss fights.

However, based on comments from The Coalition studio head Rod Fergusson and a few off-screen pics popped up on the Internet after a press event, we learn that the skiff sections will allow free-roaming exploration on Sera for the first time in the franchise.

Fergusson posted a screen of who’s supposed to be a journalist playing the skiff, and mentioned in tweets which followed as answers to people’s questions that we can handle the vehicle “freely” and not in linear sections just as the bike in Gears of War 4 (to name one).

Also, when a fan remarked that the pic he posted included a compass and that hinted at an extensive exploration of the environment, the studio head replied that this analysis was “interesting…,” basically confirming that we’ll be exploring quite big sandbox areas, as rumored in the past.

In my opinion, we can expect something in the vein of God of War 2018‘s Midgard, where you moved on a boat across missions and learned a lot of lore and mythology details during those portions. It’s not clear if you’ll have secondary missions that would make that environment worth of exploring similarly to Santa Monica Studio’s game.

It’s slightly weird that we have the title so close to being released and we’re still here wondering what it features and whatnot. However, should all this speculation be confirmed, I’d have some more reason to looking forward to Gears 5 launching on September 10, 2019.